June 30, 2014

Mac's Eight Step Life Plan

I wanted to write this down before I forgot. The other Morning Mac came into my room and told me about his 8-step life plan.
Step 1- Get Baptized
Step 2- Go to High School
Step 3- Go on a Mission
Step 4- Go to College
Step 5-Get Married
Step 6- Have Kids ("Because I really want to have kids!")
Step 7- Be a Dad
Step 8- Die ("Because I am pretty excited to see Heaven!")
It appears to me that he has got it all pretty much figured out!

September 1, 2013

Daddy Sunday

Each fast Sunday Ryan spends a few minutes of one-on-one time with each of the children, and we call it "Daddy Sunday." The kids look forward to it each fast Sunday. However, because tomorrow is Labor day (no school + no work), we decided to let the kids stay up for a late night family party.

So, when it was time for Daddy Sunday, Mac had other things on his mind. When he and Ryan got together, Mac quickly said "Dad, I don't have much time. I am really happy in my life right now. I love my parents. Anikka is the best big sister because she does so much for me. I love Ben because he is fun to play with. And Ryker is my best buddy. I love my life. That's all. Can we be done?" Mac certainly keeps us laughing and on our toes at all time.

Ryker, who is only 3, bore his testimony in sacrament meeting for the first time today. After nearly dragging Ryan up with him, he stood up all alone and said "I'd like to bear my testimony and I know the church is true. I love my daddy. I love mom. I love Anikka. I love Ben. I love cats... and I also love dogs (yes, he forgot to say he loves Mac too)." Ryan had to cut him off and help him end because we didn't know how long he would go on. He's growing up fast.

February 20, 2013


Wow, life gets busy fast! This is what we have been up to.
Ryan: Still working at Domain Surgical, he also does side work. He is the first assistant in the High Priest Group. He is still drawing and painting amazing pictures. He recently made all of our kids their own wooden swords. The swords are really amazing! He helped Coach Ben's football team this last year. We are celebrating our 15 year anniversary later this year.
Brooke: Still at home with the kids. I am in Nursery with the oldest group and I really love the 2-year-old stage. I still want to move anywhere just for the sake of moving. My Grandpa Rawlings passed away in September and my Grandma Rawlings followed him just 147 days later. I really appreciate their good examples.
Anikka: She is in the 6th grade and is really excited to turn 12. She is babysitting a lot and loving every minute. Her sword is named Courage because she is not afraid to do the right things.
Ben: He is in 2nd grade. He played Football last year, after an undefeated season they lost the first game in the playoffs and were out. His sword is named Truth because he loves rules and is usually very obedient.
Mac: He is in kindergarten and is so happy all of the time. He is our optimistic child, for example he was very sick the other day with the stomach flu and he turned to me and said "well, at least I feel better from my cold!" He does look on the bright side. His sword is named Light because he is so charismatic.
Ike: He is 2 and stays home with me. He recently potty trained and life is now so different without diapers. He is very funny and speaks so well. He is in my nursery class and we love to spend time together. His sword is named Strength because he is the youngest and also his name Ryker means Strength.
Hopefully we can keep up with a journal of our lives because it is so fun to go back and read later!

August 4, 2012

Today Was A Great Day

So, it has been awhile since I last posted something and in that time we have had six birthday celebrations (we are all now a year older), one lost cat, two new cats, a horrible kidney stone episode, some good days, boring days and fun days. But today was a really great day. Ben was Baptized today. I wasn't too stressed and the whole day has ended up feeling really blissful.  Ben looked very handsome in his suit and we had so many wonderful friends and family come and join us to welcome Ben into our Church.  I just really love Ryan's friends and what amazing people they are.  I am so grateful to all of the family that was able to make it today. I am especially thankful for Ryan. He is so incredible! He gave the most beautiful blessing for Ben.  I am so grateful for our family and for the Church and for good choices. Today was a really great day!

March 19, 2012

Yes, But Will There be an Audience

Mac is my darling attention hog. We were talking about what activities he would like to participate in this summer. He talking about baseball and I told him that I would like to have him do tumbling. The kid loves to do cartwheels and most of them are pretty good too. He also can do the splits. When I asked him if he would like to try tumbling his answer was "Yes, but will there be and audience?" We will always be there to watch him. Mac was also stopped by one of his most favorite primary teachers that he has ever had yesterday at Church. She told him that he was getting so big. He said "Yes I am getting big, Do you know why? It is because I sleep so good. Sometimes I don't want to sleep but I just close my eyes and I am asleep, then I wake up and I grew." I am surprised that he was able to breathe through that run on sentence.

Ike is also growing. He loves to sing. Yesterday he was singing "Frere Jacques" especially the ding dang dong part. Last night I rocked him to sleep and when I stood up to take him to bed I jostled him enough to get him to sing in his sleep, "ding dong" . Really sweet! Today while driving errands I couldn't see if Ike had fallen asleep so I said "Ike , are you asleep?" his response was "I wake". I love that he speaks so well.

Anikka and Ben both got really great report cards again. Anikka with straight A's and Ben with nearly all 4's. We are so proud of them and their hard work.